Hello All, this post deals with fixing the ESXi Host, Host name resolution failing in Test Management Network settings.


If you have the DNS entry created in your AD, and able to ping the ESXi host from a windows machine, but from ESXi box this is failing, then please follow below steps.

To fix this, all you have to do is – Delete the hosts file backup created in ESXi box. This should be done via SSH, where putty tool is installed in a same LAN windows machine. Note: To access SSH from Putty tool of the ESXi box, you must first enable this SSH from ESXi DCUI interface, that is accessible from ESXi interface by pressing the F2 button. Once in there, you have to select Troubleshooting options and then Enable SSH from there. See below Image…



Once it is enabled, you can access ESXi shell from Putty tool. Open putty and enter IP or Hostname of ESXi and enter credentials when terminal is open for you.


Navigate to etc directory as shown below and delete the Hosts.backup file from etc dir