Please Note: This is applicable for Rooted Android Devices Only. Rooting your android device allows you to utilise your android device hidden features and full capabilities. Note that; rooting your device will void warranty and is not recommended, if you are facing problems with your Device performance or its system, where likely your device needs to be sent to supplier for warranty covered service needs.

This is intended for educational purpose only. Having your Device rooted and installed with the latest version of Titanium Backup Pro, you can perform application specific backups and restores. The main benefits using Titanium backup is:

  Titanium Backup Icon

      • You can perform application specific backups, for about 50 backups history, allowing you to restore any of the 50 history backups.
      • You control your applications fully and is a way to protect your application data integrity. For example, your Temple run coin collection is up there at 20000 and all of sudden, your friends, spent them all for unnecessary purchases and stupid avatars, you are very unlikely to hold your scolding; in such situations Titanium to the rescue.
      • Another very good reason is, you are backing up your application and the data, so you don’t have to install this application from market or from other links to have this application in your new, device. The Titanium allows you to install the application along with the data restored.
      • And there’s lot to say about this App, but confining with the most interesting points, the screenshots allows you to have a good look at the application usage and insider views

Once you are in the Titanium Application, all you have to do is to navigate to the Viber; in this case or any application you would lie to preserver and back it up! If the settings are not touched; the preferences I mean, you are backing up the application and data too, so you can just trust this application to save your viber messages and in future, if you wanted to install the viber on another device and wanted to see the messages in there, Titanium to the rescue.

Here are some screenshots, telling you the insider views:


 So Back up your private, precious messages and transfer them to your another preferred device, or just preserve for future use

Once, you backup your application, the history is shown for the app, once you navigate to the interested application, you can restore to that particular date, from the backups taken shown with the date took that.

By default the Titanium Backup folder is created within the device for Samsung Galaxy Devices, and you have to ensure that folder location is secure and is accessible for you to back it up to the computer to transfer the same to another device for restoring the data. The most common place is within the Device memory, identified with the Titanium Backup Folder as named, and all the application and data backups are stored there. You have to copy that folder, or if you need specific application, you have ensure you transfer all the relying files for that application and transfer them to the new device, titanium backup folder; in order to show it up in the new device Titanium Backup application. Once you have the application identified in the Titanium, one click does it all, restoring your messages to the new device.

Important relying files within Titanium Backup Folder: Ensure you backup all these files, excluding the date of the data backups, can be easily identified with the date modified property.