Okay! I really Admit that, These Two Awesome Games are must have in your Smart phone; be it Android or Apple: Granny Smith and Sprinkle Games from Mediocre Developers. The games are so beautifully designed and splendidly carved to give rich Gaming experience and fun playing with your screen.

The Stunts playing and graphics are so awesome and so addictive. It is so good to play with granny to let her grab Apples back before thief grabs them. Good to make her stunt and grab apples. Another great game from Mediocre is Sprinkle; I believe Most of you are already having this Game, if not Try it. It’s pretty solid game to waste your time wisely on at-least some good graphics and worth spending game.


I highly recommend these two games on your phone. Look no further and try it before Purchasing them, you have free versions too on Android Market for Sprinkle as of yet on Play Store. Follow these links for Play Store Free and Full Version Game Links

Granny Smith Game – Paid Version

Sprinkle Game – Paid Version

Sprinkle Game – Free Version

Just sharing My Latest Crushes, Try or Cry, it’s up to You!