OMG! That’s Gone Man; this is what I said to myself when I early this morning Playing with my Phone and Bricked it Almost. And I don’t know, whether to Put my experiences here or whatever worthy, It happened to me all of sudden since 1-1/2 years SII Experience and Luckily I Foresee the Solution and situations like this. The solution is not much complicated. Firstly, narrow down the problems you are facing because of Soft bricked or Infinite Boot problems. Only Few to Narrow though Luckily 🙂 -> Is your phone stuck at Boot logo or Battery Logo? -> Is your phone Rebooting just when connected to Power Supply unit -> Is your phone able to reboot into Recovery Mode (Volume UP + Power button) ? or Just Download Mode (Volume Down+Power+Home Button) Speaking in context to Samsung Galaxy SII -> Have you tried pulling out your battery and hold your breath and anxiety for minimum about 15 minutes? and tried rebooting now after Battery Insertion?

Problem Sources: Incompatible ROM or Kernel Flashing Majority Times

If you can narrow down your problems referring with above, you can take a deep breath, cause it’s the same happens to most experimenting guys out there… If you just played with ROM, you have to play around with New ROM to Put it onto SII; Meaning you will loose Data on it, Check this link to download and fix ROM Issues, if you played with ROM. If you played with Kernel and It lead to ROM un boot problems, then Old working kernel will help you recover your phone in seconds away work; Which will be This Post teaching how to do it. If your phone doesn’t go to Recovery mode or Download mode;( See above instructions on how to Go to them using Phone Hard-switch Buttons) then it’s just your confusion state, give it a 15 minutes Battery out time for your phone to get back to normal cases, where  you can see At-least download mode later on… So If you just stuck at infinite boot problem or whatever, 15 minutes battery out will isolate the problems.  I am so hardly stressing out the Battery out time, because it will help the ROM memory states to clear allowing such time.

Fix Kernel Specific Boot Problems Guide

Note: The kernel Specified here is for S2 only, if you are S3 user, then Check website and download OLD kernel for S3 phone. If your phone is neither s2 nor s3, try XDA developers thread to check how to get your specific phone’s kernel to work around this method for you. Flashing wrong kernel caused you this troubles, do not repeat the same step again, flashing wrong variant Phone’s kernel now again. Now Download ODIN3 tool on your Windows PC  and run it as Administrator… And now Download Old Working Kernel of your Flavor; Majority times, Siyah Kernel is the choice for Major users, so with them in mind, Download Old Working Siyah Kernel From here (Note: This is A Siyah Kernel Version 4 Released on September 8th, which worked for me, So i used the OLD kernel to get back my ROM Booted off from this Working Kernel. Now, start ODIN Tool and Be aware that Kies has to be taken down from Task manager and Put Your Phone into Download MOde and press Volume UP for confirmation. Then once the ODIN shows you the Port is identified by the tool, proceed to downloaded Siyah kernel from PDA se;ect Menu in ODIN tool, Do not touch anything in the tool now and never… See the below Screenshot for precise Instructions and for Clarity. Once You See the ID:COM is Detected when your Phone is connected in Download Mode, then Message Box will tell you 0:x number is Detected and once assured, Select PDA only and tick mark it and Click on PDA and Go to Just downloaded Siyah Kernel and attach it to this PDA Menu (Note that the Kernel is in TAR Extension) And now Click on Start Button in the COntrol Panel located above the PIT option. And that’s it your Kernel will be Downgraded to a working Kernel and Your phone will Boot up Once finished. Happy Flashing! and Voila..   Thanks Chaladi. Credits: XDA developers, Siyah Kernel Mod, and Mighty Experimenting Android (De)buggers 🙂