In this Post, i am gonna show you how to install CentOS in VMware workstation.

The below Video tutorials will take you to the edge of the process and explain you the complete installation process and services, things that counts when the boot process of the CentOS box initiates.

In the midst of the Video tutorials, the cursor has been intentionally dragged, highlighted some words, to show, say you the important things at the concerned stage. The Settings section in the midst of the installation process will come up with the setting of IP address, HOSTNAME for the CentOS, however the settings were not saved nor used later, the setup has been just show you that the setup of Static IP and HOSTNAME can also be achieved whilst installation. The later setup of HOSTNAME can be acquired from this LINK

For Linux it is recommended to disable the Firewalls and SE Linux (Security Enhanced), Ços the services interaction and communications of concerned protocols will fail by blocking so. However it can also be activated (firewall), but the manual port setup, services configurations are to be done after logging into CentOS box.

Part 1:

Part 2:

The setup of username and password is recommended and meant to be strong enough to secure your CentOS BOX.

If you have any doubts or queries regarding the setup or the process used for the setup, please do not hesitate to message me   or comment here. As of your convenience. !!!  :~)