I have recently faced this Script error while installing VMware Workstation on my Laptop. This is quite annoying that we can’t past this screen even accepting the error with “YES” or “NO”.

VMware Communities recommended to  install it in Silent mode background install, Hopefully that worked for some people, who are lucky maybe if they haven’t saw this awesome method whilst their time…

This method involves, just changing your temp file directory temporarily. So a minor changes are needed to install VMware Workstation Successfully on your Machine, bypassing the script errors and any issues.

First off, Go to System properties by right-clicking the computer and selecting the properties option, and then following to click the Advanced System Settings in the Left hand side 













Once You are at this Environment Variables Screen, All you have to do is to Edit the TEMP and TMP FILES Path to C:\Tmp path. Once you do that with the system and user variables, the installation will proceed smoothly. Remember to copy the paths of the original “TEMP” and “TMP” paths to “Notepad” to revert back to original TEMP and TMP paths once Workstation installation has been successful. Do for the both System and User environment variables.

When changed to C:\Tmp file path, the extracting files of Vmware workstation would be done to Tmp file in C, where the script errors that are occuring can be fully resolved with this method. The temp path has issues when reading the index.htm file in extracted Vmware folder. You can name your TEMP and TMP files as you wish, but remember to revert back to original PATHS for TEMP and TMP in environment variables, once your installation is made.

Hope this helps other panicked, irritated patrons.