When you want to spend quality time outside in the city, it is very important that the destination you chose doesn’t take away all your outing joy after you arrive to it.

And parallelly, you cannot taste new best, vivid places unless you explore by taking chances. There would be Eureka moments and ho-hums, but all those are life experiencing 🙂


In this my very first Life blog post, Doughnut on table 🙂

This ain’t best Doughnut I’ve had until now, but this is one of the best in Hyderabad City (India). Vac’s Pastries’ Doughnut is best in its texture, fluffiness and Chocolate syrup poured blending into the doughnut makes it moreish. A definite must try for those Doughnut lovers.

Chocolate Doughnut

Chocolate Doughnut

Adding to it, we have Red Velvet cake that has rich Milk-Bikis textured creamy layer poured in-between Velvet cake layers. It is unique in taste and offers a different experience.

Velvet Cake

Velvet Cake


It’s got decent interiors and comfortable eat-in place, however it serves okay for that evening snacky times only – Spend 30-45 minutes maximum here.

You can visit Vac’s @ Jubilee Hills Branch› 116/A, Road 10, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

Vac's Pastries

Vac’s Pastries

Hey thought to blog this to help some of the patrons who are facing issues while mounting NFS fileshare on their windows servers/desktops.

Note: Only Windows 7/8/8.1 Enterprise editions have “Services for NFS” in Turn Windows Features on/off settings.

In Windows Server 2008/R2/2012/R2 editions you have to enable Client for NFS feature to get this issue fixed/to mount NFS fileshares in windows OS. Follow below steps to get this fixed.

NFS Fileshare Error







To mount NFS fileshare, you can either use net use command or mount command. “mount” command works only if NFS client is installed 🙂

Server Manager




Launch Server Manager to install NFS client features.

Turn NFS Client Feature

Install NFS Feature

Install Success

NFS mount Success

Once Client for NFS is installed, the command works instantly without any reboots.

Let me know if you have any questions/issues getting NFS work.

Hello All,

It’s been so long since I’ve wordpressed. The below short article wrote help to fix the 14202 errors in windows failover cluster – Titled “How-To Fix windows Failover cluster 14202 Event ID error”. Issue deals fixing One of the Cluster resources failed to start with this error in FCM (Failover Cluster Manager). It can be NFS / someother fileshare/disk based resource hosted on FCM.

Cluster Resource Failure

Upon looking at the Resources of this Failed Cluster resource, you can see that NFS/resource related to this is in failed state.

Resource Failed -1

To see what’s causing the issue with NFS/related resource failures, you have to go to Cluster events to know more about the error cause.

Cluster Error Logs_Events

Now you see that NFS-HyperV-FS is not dependent on disk resource G:\shares\NFS-FS, so it is failing to get the cluster resource online as there is no dependencies for the NFS share we’ve configured to use for this NFS cluster resource. NFS file share works when it has dependencies/resources allocated to it.

Go to NFS resource properties as below and create dependency on the drive/share as below:

Cluster Dependency missing


Now, click on Empty Resource field and drop down the menu there to select Cluster Disk/Disk presented to the NFS/Cluster resource in FCM (if there is only one filed here in Resource, Add One as required; click Insert to add empty fields). In my case Cluster Disk 3 is the one that is hosting the NFS shares. Click AND property to have the resource dependent on Disk explicitly; this means disk and NFS object name should be online to get the resource working (of course, if CNO (Cluster Name Object) alone is online, no use as share drive is offline 🙂 )

Cluster dependency set

So now we’ve set the Cluster DIsk 3/NFS share disk and HyperV-FS; that is computer object name for accessing the NFS. This should solve the dependency problem and help get the cluster resource online. Now try bringing the NFS resource online again from FCM and this should work now 🙂

Fixed NFS cluster

Please let me know if you have any questions/trouble fixing this kind of errors. You can always comment if you have issues with Failover Clusters in Windows or VMware.

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